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Blank baby blue eyes lingered on you, watching you with great interest. Feeling the intense pressure that person was giving you, you tentatively raised your head and glanced at his direction, swiftly turning away with flaming cheeks the second your (insert colour) eyes met his.

Norway chuckled softly, resting his head on his hand as he continued to glue his blue orbs on you.

It was obvious to everyone that you had a serious attraction towards the reclusive nation, so clear that Norway himself knew. Whenever you were around him, you were forever blushing and stuttering about. Even after talking to him, you always had a triumphant grin plastered on your face, as if saying to yourself, 'Good job ___! You didn't humiliate yourself in front of him!'

Who could blame you though? His magical aura was both mystical and fascinating, and although he may appear serious and quiet, he had an odd playful side to him, making the Nordic country more intriguing and unique to you. The fact that he would randomly have a chat with his magical trolls and fairies made it amusing for you, as it looked as though he was talking to the air with such a sober face. To top it off as a bonus, he was the most handsome person/nation you've ever met. His pale skin, his light blonde hair with the unusual floating curl, those eyes, that pretty barrette he wears and the dashing sailor outfit- everything gave him the impression of a huge precious doll (a doll you 'secretly' wanted to keep and treasure).

'Cute,' he thought to himself as he noticed how you were trying to hide behind your (insert colour) hair from his stare. He meant it; you were cute to him too! He observed how nice and caring you were towards everyone, thus letting him be comfortable around you. 'Charming' was what he labelled you as, plus, it didn't hurt that you were beautiful to him, had a good sense of humour and-

"Listen up, everyone!! Draw a name from the hat and you gotta be his or her Secret Santa! I, the hero, will go first," America's loud voice boomed across the room, forcing Norway out of his thoughts. He sighed, remembering where he was and why he was there.

There was currently a world conference going on, and every single nation had to attend, including you and Norway. As predicted, what started off as a serious political discussion turned into a mass chaos of uselessness in only a matter of ten minutes. Since Christmas was approaching in merely two weeks, the hamburger lover gave the brilliant idea of playing 'Secret Santa', regardless of whether the country celebrated the holiday or not. The budget was infinite, as America said it would 'make things interesting'.

As the hat with each country's name was passed down, each nation had a different reaction to who they got. Some laughed, some remained neutral, and some even banged their heads against the table in exasperation. Soon, it was Norway's turn.

He put his hand in and pulled out a random piece of paper. He opened it, and his eyes widened at the pleasant surprise.

'Well, what a coincidence~' he thought, his lips twitching up slightly as he folded back the paper with your name on it.


All the nations were gathered in Finland's home, where a Christmas party was being held. Everyone was buzzing and chatting happily amongst themselves, and the festive atmosphere was enchanting. Yet from time to time, the people would glance towards the huge pile of 'Secret Santa' gifts, anxious to find out what they were given and hopefully who gave them. You were not an exception.

'I wonder who my Secret Santa is...' you wondered while sipping some delicious hot cocoa. You presumed the person was a boy due to his rather coquettish clues and hints, but... you could never be too sure. There was one time when he left a note outside your door, and it read:

'Just checking to see if the present would like being in your home; it's quite big so it might be difficult to bring all the way back ; )'

Another read, 'I'm certain it would love you as much as you love it~'

There were more notes that were downright flirting, and it agitated you to not know who he was. At first, you suspected that he was France, until the day you caught him shopping at the lingerie department for Hungary's present.

Despite whoever this person was, it sounded as though he was getting you a puppy, which excited you due to your love for animals. However, you didn't see any sign of the furry creature or any present with big holes in it, making you doubt your gift theory.

Your attention was averted to something else as Norway walked past you to be by his brother's side, letting you admire how good he looked with that Santa hat. You quietly hoped that he was your Secret Santa...


"Alright, everyone! It's the Secret Santa gift-giving time! So go find your present now," Finland's cheerful voice said into the speaker. With that, everybody dashed to the stack, rummaging about in search for his or her present. You saw from the corner of your eye the way China squealed when he opened his present to reveal an adorable soft toy. That man was easy to please when it came to cute things.

As the presents were taken away by their respective owners, you began to feel the disappointment and misery when you couldn't find yours.

'That person is such a tease! I was really looking forward to my present,' you thought to yourself, shoulders slumped while your face wore a pout. Suddenly, you felt a tap on your shoulder.

You turned around to face the figure, only to be surprised by a pair of soft lips pressed against yours. Before you could respond, the person pulled away.

"Merry Christmas, ___," Norway said in that airy, trance-like tone of his. You could feel blood rush all the way up your face, even to the tips of your ears. You opened your mouth to say something, but to no avail. It was only then that you noticed the mistletoe he held above the two of you. He placed the plant in your smaller hand; his face emotionless as usual, but the tiny hint of pink on his cheeks gave him away. You noted how sweet he looked when he blushed.

You finally found your voice, asking, "Norway, are you my Secret Santa? Is this my gift?"

"I am, but that's not your gift," the whimsical man said, and pointed to the ribbon on his head that he had just put on. You tiptoed and read the tag, gasping when you read that you were the recipient. Your crush had just given himself to you!

"Jeg elsker deg*," he said in his native language. You remembered that phrase from the time he was teaching you how to speak Norwegian, making you giggle.

"I'm pretty sure you know how I feel about you~" you teased, grinning from ear to ear as you held the mistletoe above the two of you again.

He pulled you in for a passionate kiss, officially making it the best Christmas ever for the newly established couple.
I know it's not Christmas, but this idea popped into my head. I love Norway, he's almost my favourite character :iconsparklenorwayplz:. I'm not familiar with the 'Secret Santa' game, I've never played or done it before, so please tell me how to edit stuff! (I know Norway wasn't supposed to reveal that he was the reader's Secret Santa, but he was too impatient :iconnorwayunfazedplz:) Oh and I'd appreciate constructive criticism, please don't just say "It sucks." or stuff like that :P
I think my writing here dropped in quality, I'm so sorry! :iconemoenglandplz:
Jeg elsker deg*= I like/love you

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Edit: Removing my preview images, as although I said I didn't own them and linked it back to where I found it, I don't think that's 'getting permission'

Edit: Over 100 faves?! Holy cr*p! Thank you guys so much!!
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