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"____! I vill not allow you to do zat!"

"'Not allow'? Tsk! You're not the boss of me!"

Ludwig frowned at your response, blushing in annoyance when he knew that you were right. You grinned triumphantly at his reaction, picking up a box full of decorations and heading off in a different direction. However, he stepped in front of you, his stern eyes showing that he wasn't going to let you go that easily.

"As a friend, I am telling you zat zis is a dangerous idea," the blonde said with extreme seriousness.

This resulted in you rolling your (insert colour) eyes again, sighing in exasperation, "Ludwig, it's a kissing booth. It's not like I'm going to war."

Ludwig could feel an anger vein pop up on his forehead; you sure loved to push his buttons. He attempted to stare you down and intimidate you with his bigger frame. However, the bored expression you wore was evidence that it wasn't working. He continued to reason with you, "Zere are boys in our school who vould leap at this chance."

He was obviously referring to his brother, Gilbert and his two friends, Antonio and Francis, who were also notoriously known as the 'Bad Touch Trio'. The thought of having one or worst- all of them kiss you made him grunt and feel very protective. You were his best friend, and best friends usually care this much about each other, don't they?

You tried to side step him, but he intercepted your path once more. You had a go at convincing him again, "Firstly, there's nothing disastrous about innocent pecks. Secondly, my shift is only an hour. Thirdly, what human being would want to kiss me??"

"Blödes Mädchen(1)... You're beautiful, kind, funny und pure; every guy vould vant to kiss you, including-" he quickly stopped himself before he revealed too much. Damn, his stubbornness made him go a tad bit overboard. He looked away awkwardly, feeling his cheeks turn pink. You, on the other hand had a look of surprise, grinning in appreciation at the sudden shower of compliments. He had never called you 'beautiful' before...

"Aww, Ludwig! Stop acting so serious! ____ promised me that she'll help out at our school carnival," a voice with a Hungarian accent spoke up nearby. The two of you turned your heads to the side to see Elizaveta, your friend who was in charge of this event.

Ludwig took this chance to ask her why of all jobs, she gave you the kissing booth to attend to. However, the words 'kissing booth' and your name quickly piqued the interests of the three people who were approaching as well.

"Vat?? ____ in a kissing booth?! Kesese! Hammer(2)!" Gilbert exclaimed, patting his brother's shoulder as he leaned close to your face. Ludwig cursed his rotten luck while Elizaveta swatted the albino away from you, grumbling in annoyance at his presence. Antonio was at the side, checking ahead to see if he had enough money to buy a kiss.

A rose came close to your view, looking up to see Francis gazing at you with a fond look, "I will definitely stop by to steal a kiss from your delicate lips, ma Cherie(3)~ Ohonhonhon~"

You felt a shudder of disgust run down your spine, cowering slightly from the boys' (except Ludwig) lascivious stares. You began to regret agreeing to help Elizaveta with the carnival, and it was too late to back out. How were you initially so neutral about the kissing booth?

You were snapped out of your thoughts when you felt someone hold onto the box you were carrying. You lifted your head up and saw pale blue eyes.

"I'll carry zis for you," he said, taking the weight away from your arms and walking off with the three boys following closely behind, joking about and teasing him. That's why you were so neutral; Ludwig would make sure nobody does something funny to you. He was always trustworthy and reliable, stern exterior but sweet inside, making him extra special to you.

Elizaveta noticed your lingering and longing gaze on Ludwig, playfully nudging you as she said, "He's jealous~"

You giggled and denied it, but on the inside, you were secretly hoping that it was true. You did notice that this time, Ludwig was questionably more possessive over you- not that you didn't like the extra attention though.


It was Ludwig's dreaded time: the carnival has started. He situated himself near your booth, looking out for any boy who would be interested in getting a kiss. For some reason, he couldn't bear seeing or at least know the fact that you were kissing other boys.

You stood at your stall, watching him with slight amusement. You wondered to yourself why he was acting so strange, blushing whenever he occasionally glanced at you.

Ludwig grew alert when he noticed Alfred F. Jones, an American student, stopping in front of the kissing booth with a thoughtful look. To his horror, his hand was descending into his pocket, and the German soon began to realize that they were more of them gathering. Ivan was opening his wallet, Mathias already had a dollar in hand, the Italian brothers were running around begging for money, and of course, the Bad Touch Trio were making their way over.

Alfred was the first in line, but before he could get close to you, Ludwig instinctively stood between you two. He said with a gruff voice, "You are not allowed to kiss her."

Both you and Alfred were surprised, but especially you in particular. You didn't expect him to do this action; why was he making such a big deal over this?

"Dude, why not? That's the whole point of a kissing booth," the burger-lover said.

"He's right, Ludwig. Rules are rules, and ____'s got to sell kisses," Elizaveta said, who had come over knowing that he would do something over this kissing business. You were beginning to feel extremely awkward and frustrated from the way they were talking about you as if you weren't right there, feeling like some sort of toy or kid.

"Fine," Ludwig said, turning around to your direction. A small crowd surrounded the kissing booth, curious as to what was happening. You folded your arms, waiting for he would do next. Suddenly, he took some cash from his pocket and stuffed it into the jar.

"Zere, fifty dollars. I'm buying all your kisses."

Everyone was shocked. Your eyes widened to the size of saucers and your jaw dropped. You could feel your entire face heat up, your heart pounding like crazy.

"Uhh.. Okay.. But you have to kiss her that many times," Elizaveta chimed in.

He nodded, your eyes making contact. You could see the confusion, awkwardness and nervousness in each other. This was crazy! Kissing your best friend? What if the harbouring crush you had on him becomes too obvious and ruins your precious friendship?

"Umm, better get this over and done with," you attempted to say in a casual/joking way. Ludwig agreed, reaching his hands out to hover above your shoulders, unsure as to where he should put them. He finally rested them at the sides of your arms, slowly and hesitantly moving closer to your face. He lacked experience with women, but it was more because of you did he behave this unusual.

The moment your lips touched, there was a spark that emitted tingles all the way down to your feet. Ludwig quickly pulled back, blushing heavily while looking at a different direction. You furrowed your eyebrows, unsatisfied with these one-second kisses. Without thinking, you wrapped your arms around his neck, tiptoeing to get better access to his lips. You caught him off-guard when you closed the gap again, but his eyes fluttered shut as he kissed you back. The second kiss was tender and lasted longer, though still rather insecure. It didn't really matter though, as somehow you really liked your best friend's lips.

Ludwig cupped your cheek into his large hand, melding his lips against yours for the third time. You unknowingly sighed affectionately into the kiss, giving him more confidence. He was getting the hang of kissing, doing as to what his instincts told him to. You tasted delicious to him, and the little jolts of electricity created whenever you kissed were telling him something.

As you and Ludwig exchanged more kisses, they became more and more passionate. You had your hands in his sleek blonde hair, messing it up in the process, while he became more adventurous and roamed his callused ones down your back to grip onto your hips, pulling you as close to him as possible. You weren't even aware of the time or how many kisses has it been, all that mattered was how wonderful it felt kissing and being held like this by Ludwig. It became natural, as if it was meant to be. It wasn't long until you both realized what this magnetic attraction was caused by.

Ludwig broke the kiss, leaning his forehead against yours. The two of you were breathing heavily, trying to regain oxygen. He closed his eyes, mumbling softly, "Ich liebe dich...(4)"

Your hidden feelings for Ludwig drove you to take up German classes, causing you to perfectly understand his words. Your heart was doing flips of joy in your ribcage, and a wide grin was spreading across your cheeks. You kissed him one more time before saying back, "I love you too."

(Behind the scenes)

Gilbert and Elizaveta peered over at the newly established couple a distance away. He turned his attention to her, smiling egoistically as he said, "You planned all of zis!"

The brunette patted his head like a dog, "Good boy! You figured it out!"

She folded her arms, looking back at the two of you, saying in a gentler tone, "Why else would I make ____ hold a kissing booth?"

Gilbert cackled, stepping very close to her, "You know, if you were zee one at zee kissing booth, I'd buy a few kisses."


"Don't you dare!"
EDIT: Some girl stole my story but changed the names (Germany -> China, Hungary -> Taiwan). I've commented on the story to tell her that it is mine. This is the first time someone stole my work. It's annoying. You can see that I have posted this story first.…

I feel as if my writing skills have deteriorated; damn you holidays! >.<
I'm sorry if I made Germany a bit too rough and stuff, that's just how I perceive him to be when dealing with jealousy hehehe! :icongermanyblushplz: And I couldn't help but add a little PruHun in it, I like that couple! Isn't it cute that Prussia sees pats on heads as praises?? (If you don't like PruHun, then just ignore the extra bit :P)
I was a bit hesitant to put down 'love', but I figured that the reader's feelings here are a bit deeper than most of my other one-shots :P

Translations (I love Tokio Hotel so I've managed to pick up on a bit of German, but please do correct me if I'm wrong) :
(1) Stupid girl (German)
(2) Awesome (German)
(3) My dear (French)
(4) I love you (German)

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Story belongs to me: xxf0revern0wxx

Edit: Holy crapola! This one-shot is almost beating my Norway one-shot in views and favourites, and that one has been posted ages ago! Thank you guys so much! *tears of joy* :'D Germany! So many people want to kiss you~ :icongermanyispleasedplz:
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Girl: Do u even like me?
Boy: No
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She heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes
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