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Shingeki No Kyojin Meme by xXf0reverN0wXx
Shingeki No Kyojin Meme
I love filling in memes! I don't have to worry about anatomy or shading, since the main point is drawing pictures to answer questions, and this is fun. Nice change of 'scenery', since I have been drawing 'properly' and details and yeahhh (strange that I've never uploaded them onto deviantart)
You can tell that I am actually not suited to be a soldier :P Levi is my favourite fighter; he is so epic and badass. But Eren is my favourite character haha. I wanted to draw on my iPad, but I lost my iPad pen/stylist (idk) thing, so I had to draw on paper and take pictures and blah
Meme is by (I wanted to link to the blank meme, but for some reason I couldn't? Sorry)

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Please read this first!! This is NOT a lemon; it is implied that Romano sleeps with other women, not the reader, so if you are looking for a smutty fic, sorry this isn't it! >.< Also, I highly recommend reading part 1 first

“Tch!! Damn it! Get me another drink!” Lovino barked at the bartender as he slammed the empty shot glass on the table. Surprisingly it didn’t break, considering his current emotional state. So why is he so angry? Well, (Name), the love of his life, just revealed that she was having his brother’s baby. Now there really was no space for him, and there was no chance for him to swoop in after (Name). Ever since the two exchanged vows, the grumpy Italian secretly wished every night that they will have a divorce. It never happened. Instead, they were having a baby, which will strengthen their goddamn relationship.

“Arghhh…. (Name)…. Why must you make me fall for you….” He drunkenly moaned to no one in particular. Lovino could not take it anymore, his feelings for (Name) were too strong. He has tried so hard to get over her; moving to another country, cutting ties with the couple- but none of these methods worked. He would still think of her every night, and long for her even when other women flirted with him. Ugh, he hated how pathetic (Name) made him, and sadly neither of them could control it. For now, he was going to drink away his sorrows, a temporary attempt to forget about (Name) and her relationship with his idiot brother.

“Aww sweetie, why is such a sad expression gracing your handsome features?” a voice cooed next to him. Lovino whipped his head around to the sudden presence, his eyes seeing a beautiful woman. She had brilliant green eyes, long wavy brown hair, and a charming smile. Her dress clung tight to her body, emphasizing her generous assets.

He lifted the glass to his lips, mumbling shyly, “Nah, it’s nothing.” Although the woman he loves is (Name), he would still revert to his shy and bashful state when it comes to girls, especially when they are this attractive.

The girl flipped her luscious hair, touching his shoulder, “Oh, I can tell that it isn’t! Tell me everything~ I would love to lend such a dashing guy an ear~ Bartender! Another drink for this gentleman!”


After many drinks, Lovino has vented out his emotions to this stranger, unashamed that he was extremely red in the face. The woman smiled sympathetically, buying him drink after drink.

“Why won’t she love me? Why can’t anyone love me? Is Feliciano that much fucking better than me?! Everyone likes that goof more than me! He has everything! He stole (Name) from me! Arghh!” He practically cried.

She put a hand on this knee, slowly gliding it up his thigh. His eyes grew wide as he became aware of how close her hand was to his crotch. She leaned in close to his ear, whispering seductively, “Well, I can give you some love~”

Lovino gulped, allowing the beautiful woman to place kisses on his neck. With the alcohol running through his veins, he nodded, and let himself be taken away to wherever this woman wanted to have him. His brain knew that this was merely a temporary distraction, but his emotions needed to feel loved.


Lovino’s amber eyes shot open, taking awareness of the unfamiliar surroundings. The Italian groaned as his head throbbed. He questioned himself, ‘What happened last night?’

He turned to his left, and saw a naked woman curled up, fast asleep. Although he could only remember fragments of what occurred last night, he could tell what he had done. Lovino got out of bed, putting on the clothes that were strewn all over the floor. Just as he was about to leave the hotel room, he glanced back at the woman. He didn’t even know her name. He shrugged and left; he did not really care anyways.

Last night gave the hot-tempered man a lot of pleasure, and mended his broken heart slightly. He will not deny that it physically felt good, and it boosted his ego a little too.

As he walked about the streets of Italy aimlessly, Lovino felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He took it out, revealing sixteen missed calls from (Name), twelve missed calls from his stupid brother, and twenty messages from (Name). He remembered that he stormed out of their apartment the previous day, and being a sweet, caring woman (Name) was, she was probably worried about his disappearance. His heart felt a sharp pain upon knowing that he was probably causing her distress.
“Idiota, stop caring about me so much! That’s making it hard for me to forget you…” he cursed under his breath while ruffling his dark brown hair.

He needed the thrill that he had last night. He needed to forget about (Name), even if it was for one night. At this point, Lovino just wanted to love whoever loved him back, to mask the pain he felt from loving (Name)…


So, during his last week in Italy, Lovino booked a hotel room and stayed there instead. He had to lurk about the Vargas apartment, and wait until the two left the apartment before sneaking in to get his luggage. He casted his eyes down when (Name) walked out. He refused to see her. He knew she wore an anxious expression; he knew her too well. Yet, he really did not want to feel guilty, he was at the point where he did not care about being selfish.

Lovino went to the same bar every night, but brought home a different lover. It always felt great to be such a ladies man- initially.

After sending each woman home, he could not help but feel… empty. So what if he could bed all these women, they could not fill the void that (Name) left. Only when he was sober, did he realize that all the women he picked up had some similar feature of (Name)’s. For example, his previous one-night stand had the same beautiful eyes as (Name). He guessed he was probably trying to fool himself into believing that he was truly with (Name), recreating the dream he had before he left (Name) and her husband.

It was not the same. He was still a heartbroken man. Meaningless sex could only soothe the heart for a short while. He was still lonely. More importantly, he still wanted (Name).  God! He hated (Name). Why was she so amazing, so beautiful, so caring? Basically, she was everything that he ever wanted since he was a child, but she was the ‘unattainable’. His own brother made his move faster than he did.

On his last night in Italy, Lovino visited the same bar, and again drank as much as possible. He cried in frustration, “Damn it, (Name)! I came back to Italy for closure! Damn it, (Name)! You bastard, (Name)!”

“Lovino?” a feminine voice that he knew too well piped up from behind him. He thought to himself, ‘My drunk mind must be creating illusions now.’

“Lovino!” the voice said in a louder tone, and a hand grabbed his shoulder, making him turn slightly.

“Dang it, Lovino! I’ve been worried sick about you, and searching everywhere for you!! I didn’t even know about this small bar! Why didn’t you answer my calls or reply my messages? I was starting to think that you disappeared back to Spain-”

“(Name)! I’ve gottsa lots to say to ya, damn it!” Lovino said, slurring his words as he interrupted her. (Name) could smell the alcohol on his breath, and became extremely concerned.

“Lovino, let’s go back…” she said softly, walking closer to him. However, she jumped when he suddenly shouted, “YES! Let’s go outside! C’mon, I gotta tell you something, idiota!!”

With that, he grabbed her hand and practically dragged her out of the bar, staggering about as he searched for somewhere quiet. (Name) decided to let him take her to wherever, while keeping a close eye on him.

Eventually, Lovino stopped at the park. He turned around and faced her, instantly feeling his heart pounding at the mere sight of the woman he fell in love with.

“(Name)!” he yelled rather aggressively. The alcohol made him intoxicated, and made him step boldly closer to her, “I’m finally going to tell you fucking everything.”

(Name) whispered gently, “Lovino… You’re drunk… Please-“ “No! I have to get this out of my chest! I beg of you…”

The sincerity in his voice at the end shocked (Name), and she remained silent, allowing him to speak.

“(Name). You have been the only woman for me.” The older Vargas stated bluntly, his hazy eyes staring straight into her (colour) eyes, watching as they widened, but immediately reverted back to a stern look. Lovino was drunk, so (Name) did not know whether she could truly trust his words.

“You are the most wonderful and beautiful person I’ve ever met. I wanted you ever since we met. Only you. But my stupid fratello, he *hic* he fucking got you first. Do you know why I fucking avoided you for so long?! It is because it hurt so damn much! My heart fucking hurt. You fucking shattered it into a thousand pieces without even realizing,” Lovino sprouted out. He desperately wanted to stop himself from confessing all, to shut his mouth. However, the alcohol has taken control of his mind and actions, and he found himself continuing, “It fucking hurts my goddamn feelings to see the woman I long for be in the arms of another. And that person is my fucking brother who always has a stupid smile on his freaking face. Do you know why I came back to Italy? To get closure, and also, I missed you so damn much. Instead, I get smacked in the face that you belong to my brother, and you’re carrying his baby.”

Lovino stopped for a while, breathing rather loudly as he tried to catch his breath after his long vent. He looked down at the ground, not daring to look at (Name)’s face. His tone changed to one that was softer and full of melancholy, “I can never have you, (Name)! Why can’t I have you? I tried moving on from you… (Name)… Why did you curse me! Why can’t I at least move on? I had so many other lovers, but none of them have made me feel the same way you do.”

(Name) could only watch her best friend helplessly, tears beginning to well up in her eyes. This unexpected burst of emotions was too much for the poor confused girl to handle. ‘Does he really mean this? What is he talking about? Was I that oblivious?’ were questions racing in her mind; while her heart was beginning to have a huge crack right in the middle.

“(Name)… I love you,” Lovino blurted out, creating a gasp from the beautiful woman. A huge smile uncharacteristically graced his lips, his heart immediately felt a lot lighter after his confession. He held his head up high, sobering up as he reaffirmed confidently to her again, “I love you.”

Honestly, (Name) did not have a clue that her brother-in-law harboured such strong feelings for her, and she felt utterly stupid and guilty. He must have been extremely heartbroken when she began dating Feliciano, and especially after their marriage. Moreover, she kept insisting that he attend their wedding. It must have been a major blow to his face, and it made her feel extremely horrible for it. Why does he love her? Why hadn’t she realized it sooner? She was supposed to be his best friend, yet she has done such a horrible thing to him.

(Name) froze as Lovino walked right in front of her, his face inches away from hers. Her eyes grew to the size of saucepans as he drew closer, her heartbeat was racing and she could feel blood rush all the way to her cheeks. She loved Lovino, but she was never sure in what way. She started having a mental panic attack, her mind was screaming, “No! No! Feliciano! You have Feliciano! You can’t do this to either of them!”

The man with the unique curl stopped an inch away from her lips, and she immediately held her breath. He smiled the sweetest smile ever, one that was reserved only for her. Instead of kissing the lips that he has always desired, he moved up and kissed her forehead instead. He knew that she was uncomfortable, and she was also a good woman- (Name) would never cheat on her husband.
“I’m sorry for being so selfish. I just needed to say this before I leave,” he said while leaning his forehead on hers. He brushed away a tear, tucking a strand of her (colour) hair behind her ear. “You will be a great mother, (Name). Take care of my stupid fratello for me too.”

Then, he turned around and walked away, sad that he was going to leave her again, but happy that he finally confessed to (Name) after so many years. No more hiding his feelings. Furthermore, (Name) could finally understand his cold actions. Finally, he had some sort of closure.

“I’ve always wondered… If I made a move before Feliciano, would we have turned out differently?” he mused with a lone tear.

Honestly, (Name) has wondered about that as well.


Not far away from them, Feliciano sighed, looking down as he heard the entire conversation.

“Ve~ I’m so sorry, Lovino… I’m sorry for not realizing your feelings earlier… I guess I really am as dense as they say I am,” he whispered, for once having to force a small smile on his lips, “At least you managed to tell (Name) that you loved her…”

“But I love you both so much… Ne~ You really put me in a bad position, fratello,” the young man sighed, leaning against the tree he was hiding behind.

All he ever wanted was for the three (soon to be four) of them to be a happy family.

Perhaps after this incident, with time, that dream can actually come true.
Romano x Reader (My Brother's Wife SEQUEL)
Well, since some read the description first, while others plunge straight into the story first (which I admit to doing sometimes), I shall say the same thing: This is NOT a lemon; Lovino sleeps with other women (no detail), not the reader. If you haven't read part 1 yet, here's the link: part 1

So my exams are finally over, I'm out of high school and I am done travelling. Honestly, I wrote this fic a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't edit it yet, sorry! 
Anyways, many people requested a part 2, and here it is!! I'm still a bit sad that my first story got removed over sexual description, so I had to put it up again and tone down the stuff, and sigh, my views and favourites and comments :iconemoromanoplz: At first, I wasn't thinking of writing a sequel, but after hearing a particular song, it really inspired me. Basically, the song was about sleeping with others to get over your love. I might be naive, but I don't truly think this can solve the problem. It also made me think of Romano/Lovino in my story; that poor guy needs some sort of closure/comfort. I didn't know whether I should put the title as Romano x Reader x Italy, since the other half of the relationship wasn't really explored... Speaking of Italy, what would you do if you were in his place? Finding out that your sibling is madly in love with your spouse must be such a horrible feeling... 
Alcohol allowed Romano to finally not care and gain the courage (ish) to tell the reader how he felt for her. Honestly, I think the reader could fall in love with either Vargas brother, she had chemistry with both of them, but since Italy gave her the chance to love him... yeah... I'm rambling. Long story short, love is complicated.

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Story belongs to xxf0revern0wxx


Hello! I'm just a girl who likes some anime and music. I tend to contradict myself at times, and I'm really awkward, like, it's pretty hard for me to make friends :( I like drawing too... but I don't really post my art stuff here because I hate scanning stuff onto my computer


No journal entries yet.

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